About DemyHealth Clinic and Genomic Medicine

DemyHealth is impacting lives in Africa through healthcare innovation and accessibility with our team of highly trained professionals with proven track record as industry leaders within and outside the country

Our core expertise span accross Medical Devices, PCR testing, Diagnostics, Research, Biomedical Engineering, Biorepository and Sequencing services.

Using molecular techniques, DemyHealth has since 2016 provided medical practitioners from many different specialties valuable diagnostic information to assist in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well as genetic based testing and cancer diagnostics. Our stable specimen collection and transport platforms enable the conduct of a variety of PCR based tests from a single swab or blood sample with high sensitivity and specificity. We also offer third party clinical testing and life science research services to individuals, private corporations and government organizations.

Our expertise has led to partnerships and B2B support services with leading healthcare brands and ISO certified laboratories locally and internationally.


We Have

  • Greatly impacted the molecular diagnostic space in Nigeria by significantly increasing the affordability of high-end quality molecular tests.
  • Contributed to the body of knowledge in the infectious disease sub-specialization by closing the country’s Hepatitis C genotype testing gap. We were the first molecular lab in Nigeria to identify mixed Hepatitis C virus infections involving 3 sero-groups in the national population—an uncommon feat. This earned us a double slot to present our findings at the Nigerian Gastroenterology and Hepatology Conference in August 2018.
  • Set up over 40 fully functional biosafety level 2 and level 3 molecular laboratories in Nigeria.
  • Sold and installed 50 PCR machines, 30 automated nucleic acid extractors and many other biotechnology solutions in Nigeria since 2018. We have also sold over 2 million molecular diagnostic test kits, research test kits and consumables.
  • Simplified and promoted life science research for tertiary level education students and lecturers in private and public institutions.

DemyHealth provides cross-functional management; we direct biomedical engineering projects—including, structural laboratory design, set up molecular laboratories, install and maintain equipment, run molecular biology training workshops, conduct life science research, and manage logistics and supply chain.

Head Office

DemyHealth Building, Plot 418A,
Opposite D Close,
1st Avenue,
FCT Abuja

Email: care@demyhealth.com
Phone: 08092776022

Lagos Office

No 3 Aina close,
Beside Justrite Supermarket,
Ojudu Berger,

Email: lag@demyhealth.com
Phone: 08092776065


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Zedia Kaizen