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Product image
0.2ml PCR Tube Rack-96 well

NGN 6,400

Product image
Optical sealing Film (compatible for qPCR)

NGN 19,800

Product image
Thermoshaker and Accessories

NGN 1,558,800

Product image
Linegene 9600 Real time PCR

NGN 12,580,000

Product image
Rapid SARS-CoV-2 detection kit

NGN 72,000

Product image
Pipettes (0.5-10ul)

NGN 26,900

Product image
ANDiS FAST SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR Detection Kit (3D Med)

NGN 250,000

Product image
Biospin Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (100T)

NGN 80,000

Product image
Rnase (100 ml x 2)

NGN 12,400

Product image
Vortex Mixer

NGN 111,000

Product image
MagaBio plus VirusDNA/RNA Purification Kit III (Pre-packed, ready to use, dispense sampleonly) (32T)

NGN 50,000

Product image
Mini Centrifuge (max speed: 10,000 rpm; capacity; 12x1.5ml/0.2ml)

NGN 334,600

Product image
Heating Block (Main Body)

NGN 379,400

Product image
Pipette Tips Rack (0.5-10ul)

NGN 9,800

Product image
Pipettes (10-100ul)

NGN 26,900

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